Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puzzle of the day

Answer of yesterday's Puzzle

1.Kg8!! f6
2.Qh1! fxe5
3.Qh7+ Kf6
4. Qf7#/Qg7#

Other variations also end in mate.

Puzzle Of The Day

Black to move

Mate in 5 moves

Also, from tommorow i will be attending a Rating tourney, of which i shall post updates, but occasionally i might not be able to post the daily puzzle, although i will try. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Daily Puzzle + Please follow!!

Puzzle Of The Day

I will be posting puzzles at this time now onwards, as school is starting . I noticed that while there are way more pageviews, followers are scarce in number. please take out a few minutes of your time and follow this blog. I shall post the answer tommorow; and tommorow's answer the next day. This ensures you see the next day's puzzle ;)
The website i usually use for the puzzles is down... therefore i am uploading another kind of image 

White to win in 4 moves

Answer posted tommorow

Also, since now people from many countries are viewing the blog, i have added a Google TRANSLATE option on the right.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Puzzle Of The Day

Puzzle Of The Day

So Guys!! Kudos to another day. Here's the puzzle for today :

November 18th , 2012

White To Mate In 6 Moves

I've Started making harder puzzles now. guys, please share this website with your friends !! i'm relying on you guys. I can see in my stats that i've started getting publicity , so follow my website plz.!!

P.S. i am adding the answer in the comments box
Italian Game Opening Page Ready !!

I have just completed work on the Italian Game opening. You can find the page "Open games" In the bottom  right corner, and the italian opening is on this page.
Open Games + Puzzle of the day

I've created a page for open game openings, which i'll start with tommorow.

So, till then , solve the puzzle of the day for today :

November 17

WHITE to move

OBJECTIVE : gain winning material in 2 moves.

This is a position from one of my games ( i don't remember the exact position , so only the main pieces are in their proper position . )

Hello friends!

As you have already probably inferred, this blog is made for people who are devoted to chess as a proper tournament player. in this , i will be posting my games and achievements in different tournaments ( with analysis ) as well as nailing down a lot of openings, so that we can improve in our play. Enjoy the site!!

P.S. I am currently unrated , but will be going to a rating tournament starting wednesday.